Character of Lady Lal and Character of Sir Mohan Lal in Karma

Character of Lady lal in Karma : Lady Mohan Lal or Lachmi is one of the two main characters of Khushwant Singh’s short story ‘Karma’. Singh with the portrait of Lady Lal’s character distinguished the issues of cultural identity in Indian society. Characteristics: Lady Mohan Lal (Lachmi) is portrayed as a native woman right from … Read more

Character of Leela in the story Leela’s Friend by R. K. Narayan

Introduction : In R.K. Narayan’s short story “Leela’s Friend”, Leela was one of the important characters. Leela is five years old daughter of Mr Sivasanker. R.K. Narayan described Leela’s character in many forms of human behavior and qualities. A. Innocence: Leela has been presented by RK Narayan as an innocent girl. She has no interest … Read more

Difference between Phrase and Clause

In this article, candidates will know the difference between Phrase and Clause that holds relevance for the objective as well as descriptive English section of various competitive exams. Both clause and phrase are a part of a sentence but are different from each other, and this article will explain the phrase vs clause in detail. … Read more

Indian Student ? Get Admission in Oxford University with Scholarship in 2024

To secure admission to Oxford University with a scholarship, an Indian student typically needs to: Research Programs: Identify the courses that interest you and align with your academic and career goals. Academic Excellence: Maintain a strong academic record throughout your studies, including high standardized test scores (like the SAT or ACT) and impressive grades. Extracurricular … Read more

Science of Today is Technology of Tomorrow

 “Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world” – Louis Pasteur. Scientific thought and interest have been at the backbone of mankind’s advancements and progress – be it the discovery of fire, the wheel or the power of nuclear fission. Scientific temperament and an inquisitive mind … Read more

Transforming Education in India : Past and Present

 Education is a virtue which stays with an individual throughout the life. Collectively, educated masses are the think tanks, growth drivers as well as the conscience keepers of any nation. It is the education in multiple streams which brings together a multi-faceted society with a vast spectrum of expertise among its people. Innovation brings novelty … Read more

Environment : Time to Act

 The air quality index touches alarmingly dangerous levels frequently; contamination of groundwater is a stark reality of today; water tables are receding; oceans are rising; air is being polluted by vehicles and industries; plastic waste is clogging the entire ecosystem and landfills are becoming a part of the skyline of our cities. The environment is … Read more