Character of Moll Flanders in Daniel Defoe’s Novel

 Introduction : Moll’s most salient characteristics are her ingenuity, energy, and determination to survive and do well. She is willing to sacrifice moral principles in order to prosper, but does not appear to be extraordinarily wicked: when her continued prosperity seems secure, she can be an exemplary wife, sober and virtuous. Beautiful, Clever and Talented … Read more

Composed Upon Westminister Bridge by William Wordsworth : Question Answer and Explanation

■ The appreciation of the poem : The poem ‘Upon Westminster Bridge’ is a Petrarchan sonnet. In this poem the poet describes the beauty of the bridge. It is a romantic poem. The poet was mesmerised with the panoramic landscape, beauty, calm and quiet nature seen from the Westminster Bridge. □ Theme: The theme of … Read more

How does Shakespeare show the tug of between time and love in Sonnet 18?

  William Shakespeare has introduced the theme of time, love, and eternal qualities of art throughout the sonnet no 18 . Shakespeare explains : 1) Time as destructive force, 2) at the same moment  he holds up Internal quality of art which transcends the ravages of time, and, 3) he also expressed his sincere love, … Read more

How does Shakespeare establish the triumph of verse over time and mutability in Sonnet 18?

Introduction : In this poem William Shakespeare has introduced the theme of time in two dimensions: 1. Time as destructive force 2. Internal quality of art which transcends the ravages of time . Comparison of the poets friends beauty : In Sonnet 18, in the very first line Shakespeare has compared the beauty of his … Read more

INVISIBLE MAN (1952) by RALPH ELLISON | Literature in Context

FOCUS :The civil rights movement BEFORE 1.) 1940 Richard Wright’s Native Son discusses the criminal roles that white society creates for African-Americans. 2.) 1950 African-American writer Gwendolyn Brooks wins the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry with her collection Annie Allen. It charts a woman’s move from individual freedom to more engaged ideas of progress. AFTER 1.) … Read more

Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe | Question Answers

  1. How sensitive is Defoe to the plight of women in his contemporary social milieu? Is Moll Flanders an early feminist novel? Answer for Study Question 1 The most striking and unusual features about Moll Flanders as a female protagonist are her intelligence, her practical competence, her self-sufficiency, and her defiance of conventional feminine … Read more