Resolution and Independence by William Wordsworth

 “Resolution and Independence” was composed by Wordsworth in 1802 but not published until five years later. What is characteristic about this poem is Wordsworth’s selection of the most uncompromising subject and then making it the source or occasion of one of his profoundest comments on the life of a poet. The uncompromising subject that Wordsworth … Read more

Middlemarch by George Eliot

 Introduction: George Eliot is the famous woman novelist. Amongst the galaxy of female novelists that dominated the literary arena in the Victorian era, George Eliot holds an important place. She used a male pen name which was her effort to be taken seriously as a writer in the male-dominated literary world. Her real name was … Read more

NATYASHASTRA Chapter VIEW for English Literature Students

 Bharatas Natya Shastra is the foremost among the works on rhetoric which embodies the rules governing the composition of the play. An aspiring actor can get all the detailed instructions regarding all types of dramatic applications, the rules, styles of language, plots etc. to far as it is applied to the that of drama. He … Read more