Character of Lomov in Anton Chekhov’s The Proposal | Character sketch of Lomov

 Introduction: In Anton Chekhov’s play The Proposal, Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov is the central character of the play. He is a young unmarried man of thirty five years old. He also suffers from a number of ailments the visitations of which holds up his character in a comic light. He is presented in a various way – prententious, proud, impetuous, hysterical, argumentative, hypochondriac, comic.

A. Central Figure : Lomov is the main character of the play. His role in the play makes him the central person in The Proposal. His marriage proposal to Natalya is the main theme of the play.

B. Comic Character: Lomov is very argumentative and very nervous. He suffers from a number of ailments that make him a funny character.

C. Young Unmarried Man : Lomov is a man of 35 years old. He is unmarried with a critical age. He wants to marry his neighbor Natalya not because he loves her but he have to marry her to lead a family life.

D. Principle of Ownership: Lomov is obsessed with concern for his principle of ownership. He is a responsible landowner. He is very much conscious of his rights.

E. Volatile Emotions: Lomov’s character in the play registers volatile emotions. He is obsessed with property argument and ownership.

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F. Pretentious :

G. Argumentative :

H. Hypochondriac:

■ Role of Lomov : Lomov is the most important character in the play. His character represents no-romantic nature of marriage. He holds up the mirror to the artificial resolution of conflict through a perfunctory proposal of marriage.

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