Character of Othello in William Shakespeare’s Play Othello

In William Shakespeare’s play Othello, Othello is the title character and the hero of the story . His character represents greatness and heroine features. In the story William Shakespeare made a simple moor one of the sophisticated tragic Hero in a modern concept. Othello has been characterized by his plainspoken his honest nature and naivety.
Noble Moor :
Othello is a Christian moor who has earned a high reputation as a general in the Venetian army.
Heroic :
Othello is a valiant ( brave) soldier. He has a valiant spirit to win every race of life.
Great Traveller :
Othello is a great Traveller he loves to travel different countries. He the a wonder thrust of travelling to unknown places .
Adventurous :
Othello is very adventurous person he has collected the experience of battlefields, and encounters the perils of sea and lofty mountains.
Lover and Husband :
Othello is a great lover. He loves his wife very much. But as a husband he is very suspicious of Desdemona’s character. Because of suspection, he ultimately killed his wife and himself.
Tragic Hero :
Othello is a tragic Hero he killed his wife and himself. He is the one responsible for and this tragic consequences. He loves his wife so much but he suspects his wife of infidelity. And this disbelief is one of the greatest fault of his character. After killing his wife, he killed himself discovering that she was a innocent woman. Disbelief leads him to the tragic consequences.
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