Story Writing : Class 10 (WBBSE)

Introduction :  ☆ Story writing is task-dependent type of writing in which a student has to narrate a story based on the outlines given in the questions paper.   ☆ After writing the main story a title or heading is provided. Remember, title is seldom written in complete sentence. It contains a few words and … Read more

The Tense – The 12 Basic to Learn English Tense System

PRESENT INDEFINITE TENSE • Subject  + verb -এর Present  রূপ + Object / Complement.  Example – I write English.  / He writes English.    ☆ Note : যদি Subject 3rd Person এবং singular number  হয় , তাহলে verb – এর সঙ্গে -s বা – es যুক্ত করা হবে ।  PRESENT  CONTINUOUS TENSE • Subject + … Read more

NATYASHASTRA Chapter VIEW for English Literature Students

 Bharatas Natya Shastra is the foremost among the works on rhetoric which embodies the rules governing the composition of the play. An aspiring actor can get all the detailed instructions regarding all types of dramatic applications, the rules, styles of language, plots etc. to far as it is applied to the that of drama. He … Read more