Digital learning management systems

CenturyTech — Personal learning pathways with micro-lessons to address gaps in knowledge, challenge students and promote long-term memory retention. ClassDojo — Connects teachers with students and parents to build classroom communities. Edmodo — Tools and resources to manage classrooms and engage students remotely, offering a variety of languages. Edraak — Arabic language online education with resources for school learners … Read more

External repositories of distance learning solutions

Brookings — A catalogue of nearly 3,000 learning innovations. Not all of them are distance learning solutions, but many of them offer digital education content. Common Sense Education — Tips and tools to support school closures and transitions to online and at-home learning. Commonweatlh of Learning — List of resources for policymakers, school and college administrators, teachers, parents … Read more

Tools for teachers to create of digital learning content

Thinglink — Tools to create interactive images, videos and other multimedia resources. Buncee — Supports the creation and sharing visual representations of learning content, including media-rich lessons, reports, newsletters and presentations. EdPuzzle — Video lesson creation software. EduCaixa — Courses in Spanish language to help teachers develop the skills and competencies of learners in areas such as communication, entrepreneurship, … Read more

Collaboration platforms that support live-video communication

Dingtalk — Communication platform that supports video conferencing, task and calendar management, attendance tracking and instant messaging. Lark — Collaboration suite of interconnected tools, including chat, calendar, creation and cloud storage, in Japanese, Korean, Italian and English Hangouts Meet — Video calls integrated with other Google’s G-Suite tools. Teams — Chat, meet, call and collaboration features integrated with Microsoft … Read more

Mobile reading applications

African Storybook — Open access to picture storybooks in 189 African languages. Biblioteca Digital del Instituto Latinoamericano de la Comunicación Educativa — Offers free access to Spanish language works and book collections for students and teaching staff in schools and universities Global Digital Library — Digital storybooks and other reading materials easily accessible from mobile phones or computers. … Read more

Self-directed learning content

ABRA — Selection of 33 game-like activities in English and in French to promote reading comprehension and writing skills of early readers. British Council — English language learning resources, including games, reading, writing and listening exercises. Byju’s — Learning application with large repositories of educational content tailored for different grades and learning levels. Code It — Helps children learn basic programming concepts through … Read more