Character of Desdemona in Othello

Introduction :
Desdemona is a beautiful and gentle daughter of a Venice senator, Brabantio. In Othello Shakespeare described Desdemona in the light of ideal wife, romantic lover, and tragic woman.
Beautiful :
She is very beautiful woman and she has a royal appearance.
Gentle :
In the eyes of Shakespeare she is a gentle women. Her personality in the story has been described in the touch of that gentleness. To her father she is a gentle girl with beauty and bliss.
Ideal and Loving Wife :
Desdemona’s character and personality has been described as an ideal wife. She loves her husband so much. Before she married Othello, she was in romance to fall in love with him.
Generous and Gorgeous :
She has a modesty of great heart. Because of her greatness and generosity her beauty increases as the heroine of the story and as a wife. She is very kind heart.
Faithful Wife :
Desdemona was a faithful and innocent women. She is the victim of Iago’s conspiracy and her husbands disbelief.
Conclusion :
The conclusion we may say that Desdemona is beautiful, gentle and Gorgeous woman. Her beauty, loyalty, grace and innocence are her most important traits. She is good and kind hearted and from a noble family. Her innocence is her primary weakness that leads her to death
Note to the Students :
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