Character of the narrator in the story The Eyes Have It by Ruskin Bond

1. Blind person : the narrator was completely blind.

2. Sensitive: he was very sensitive in other senses.

3. Clever: he was very clever to manage to prevent the girl that he was blind.

4. Imaginative : the narrator is very imaginative person. He did not see the hills in October but he was able to give a detailed description of the hills in October . He has a powerful imagination.

5. A Romantic Fool : the narrator was seen to impress the blind girl in a various ways. From his conversations we can see that the narrator development a romantic attachment with the girl. 

6. Confident: he is very confident person he confidentally said the girl that there was no animal near Dehradun Hills.

7. He is a gallant young man.

8. Philosopher : From his conversations we can see the narrator is a philosopher of life. He said that the daylight to the other people seems to him dark .

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